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24 Feb 2018

Years 11 and 12 Moderation – March 13 2018 – Registration Open Now

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Years 11 and 12 Moderation in 2018 will be held at Newstead College and Guilford Young College (Glenorchy Campus) on Tuesday 13 March and Friday 7 September.

Please watch the following video for instructions on how to register, find your samples in Canvas and complete pre-submissions before the March 13 meetings.

Step 1 – Registration

Step 2 – Accessing Canvas

  • On 23 Feb (or within 24 hours of registering after this date) you will be sent an email invitation to the Canvas Room(s) that you have registered for which contain all the moderation resources for your March meeting
  • On receipt of your email invitation DoE teachers log in with usual email/password. Catholic and Independent school teachers will use your email address from registration and be required to create a new password.

Step 3 – Submitting your ratings before the meeting

  • Once you are in your Learning Area Room in Canvas, select your course and you will be asked to read/watch/listen to a range of work samples and to assess and rate them in Formstack before the meeting
  • Please complete all your assessments before the meeting so that more meeting time can be dedicated to discussion, consensus building and determining ways of improving learners’ work.

What is new? Samples, pre-submission and meeting materials are in Canvas rather than on the 11 and 12 website.

Why are we changing? The 11 and 12 website allows us to host links and files but does not have the functionality of Canvas which enables us to secure resources and processes in a single place for teachers and will over time enable deeper assessment, collaboration and production and publication of annotated multi-modal artefacts.

How will this affect you? Slightly different process for accessing samples and pre-submitting assessment ratings.

For more information including timetables, maps, information for Teachers, Moderation Leaders and Principals, please go to the Years 11 and 12 Moderation Page.