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24 Oct 2018

Workplace Maths Course Reaccreditation Process


The course Workplace Maths – MTW215114 is due to expire on the 31st December, 2018. As detailed in our Communique of July 3 Workplace Maths requires amendments prior to being submitted for accreditation to the Office of TASC.

As part of this process, a number of amendments have been stipulated, including the addition of work requirements that provide a range of opportunities for a learner to demonstrate in different contexts and modes the knowledge, skills, understanding and capabilities set out in the course.

In addition, Curriculum Services has received significant feedback through the year that many providers would like to see Workplace Maths developed as a more flexible course to engage and reengage learners, and provide recognition of their learning through multiple entry and exit points.

Hence, two possibilities for consideration for replacement courses are outlined in the attached file here.

Full details will be available when the courses are placed online for consultation, in the meantime, if you have any queries or would like to provide feedback on this proposal, please do so by emailing Joshua Moore, CTL – Maths at by COB on Monday 5th November 2018.