Responses to Online Revision/Review (Sociology)

18 Dec 2016

Responses to Online Revision/Review (Sociology)

18th December 2016

2 Respondents

Respondent 1 – requested removal of external IP.

Response/Way forward: Both Psychology and Sociology currently have an IP. UTas supports Senior Secondary assessment using exam and IP, contributing to skilling the students going into Psychology at UTas.

CMEs have also expressed the value of an IP in assessing students.

No change recommended.

Respondent 2: Request removal of IP from external assessment; change assessment to a 3 hour exam.‘The current IP guidelines are clearly based on the previous course document content and criteria.’

Response/Way forward: Content/assessment that does not require change may continue into new courses. Consultation, at the time of re-writing, indicated preferences to retain the IP. A significant body of review requests did not exist to support revisiting this issue. No change recommended.