Responses to Online Revision/Review (Psychology)

22 Dec 2016

Responses to Online Revision/Review (Psychology)

22nd December 2016

3 respondents.

Respondent 1 – requested removal of external IP.

Response/Way forward: Both Psychology and Sociology currently have an IP. UTas supports Senior Secondary assessment using exam and IP, contributing to skilling the students going into Psychology at UTas.

CMEs have also expressed the value of an IP in assessing students.

No change recommended.

Respondent 2: citation query.

Response/Way forward: CTL contacted respondent to clarify. No further communication yet received. Further information required to process an amendment.

Respondent 3: Clarification to content (pages 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21) ; query regarding algorithm (PA assessment).

Response/Way forward: Content clarification recommended – provides improved terminology and understandings as well as better support for teachers; algorithm raised with TASC in report lodged on 22/12/2016. CTL recommended all changes.