Responses to Online Revision/Review (Focus on Children)

8 Mar 2017

Responses to Online Revision/Review (Focus on Children)

8 March 2017

2 Respondents: same requests

Respondent 1 and 2: remove WWVP card requirement

Response/Way forward: Issue raised with TASC. TASC response that change would not be made. Following reasons given:

“TASC, as part of the accreditation process, sought advice from the Department of Justice in mid – 2015. The advice given recommended that a RWVP check should be required by students prior to undertaking practical work with children: the safety of children being paramount.

This advice was partially based on the assumption that, as the course is designed to prepare students for work in child care industries, it could ‘setting kids up for failure’ and ‘giving false expectations’ for a student to later find that they could not work in the area because they failed the check that would be required at that stage of their career.

The department of Justice also noted that students working with children would be unlikely to be under the direct supervision of a teacher at all times (e.g. out of teacher’s line-of-sight) and that there could be significant ramifications if abuse occurred. The checks would offer children, the teacher and the course provider protection.

This information was considered and then included in the course requirements of the accredited course.”

Respondent 1 and 2: depth and breadth of content too great for Level 1; requested editing ‘topics will include’ to ‘topics may include’ in all units

Response/Way forward: The new course document follows topics in the previous course with a revision of compulsory content (e.g. Safety) and the introduction of new Elective Units. The content has been re-structured; the descriptors have been fleshed out.

Descriptors have changed to support teachers in interpreting the syllabus but it has not built in extra content. Arguably, students undertake 5 units now compared to the previous 8. The course document ensures that all students undertake a range of studies. The edit requested would effectively convert all currently compulsory material to ‘elective’ material and not meet standards for accreditation.