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20 Oct 2017

Theatre Performance Clarifications

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These were questions that arose from the Northern Moderation report.

Need to clarify monologue timing and what happens if a student goes under time– the assessment guidelines say The performance time should be in the range of three to five minutes. Therefore as it is a should statement rather than a must statement students cannot be failed for going under time, however they will give themselves more opportunities for higher marks if they are in the range of three to five minutes as the inference from this instruction is that a theatre performance student can sustain their character, physicality and vocal skills during a longer monologue.

Is there a minimum for 4 students in an ensemble?- the minimum number of students in an ensemble is 3 as stated in the Access part of the TASC document

 Could our external marking sheets have the elements and criteria on them? This won’t be possible for this year but is something that can be suggested to TASC for next year.

 What if a student writes a completely made up IRS that is not based on their performance? That is covered by number 3 of the External Assessment Requirements that says Submit an Independent Reflective Study (IRS) that explores your performance and monologue.