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8 Aug 2016

September Moderation Day Task – Libraries

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September Moderation Meetings – Libraries: North and South

Moderation Task: Academic Integrity – meeting the TASC requirements

 Our focus areas are:

  • Appropriate Referencing – teaching tools/completed worksheets,  Turnitin Reports, assignments from Pre Tertiary subjects
  • Understanding Plagiarism

Teacher-Librarians are asked to bring the following samples from their own classes where possible for sharing with the group:

  1. Samples of student work detailing different ratings for subjects with criteria such as:
    • Access, research and evaluate information
    • Communicate information in a variety of forms.
  2. Turnitin (Plagiarism Detection) Reports for students
  3. Tools and assessment tests that Teacher Librarians use to access a student’s familiarity with referencing and plagiarism.
  4. Your school/college policy and procedure documents for academic integrity