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8 Aug 2016

2016 Task for September Moderation – Sociology

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Please see Letter to Colleagues attached for details on assessing attached samples before the September meeting.


UPDATE 26/8/16: Teachers are asked to print off and bring the attached samples to the meeting:

At the March meeting the group agreed that everyone would use the 2014 paper as their mid-year exam paper and our moderation instrument.

To be specific- we agreed that the regional moderation task for September’s meeting will be Section B, Question 7, from the 2014 exam paper. This exam can be accessed here

Teachers were asked to send 1-2 samples of student work from each school to Louise Giudici (Friends School). (Student work should be unmarked (remove student/teacher/school names) and labelled sample X (letter or number) etc. and include details within email with the samples attached indicating the ratings for criteria 2 & 7 for each sample provided.

A reminder that when using Question 7 (wording below) we all agreed that the main institutions to focus on would be family and one other.

Q7. Institutions (family, education, work, mass media) do not exist in isolation. They interact with each other. Using information from the extracts and from the course, construct an argument that uses alternative theoretical explanations to discuss the interrelationships between two or more of these institutions in contemporary Australian society.

Also a reminder that we agreed that we would present the paper as it is to students so that they have the experience of reading through and choosing the most appropriate question for them in their mid-year exams. This may mean that only a few of your students choose this question, a sample can still be drawn from whatever number and combined with others from other schools, in doing so we will  have a good range at our meeting.