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8 Aug 2016

2016 Task for September Moderation – Psychology

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The attached questions were distributed to teachers to create a common midyear exam. Teachers are asked to bring at least 2 or 3 samples of responses to the exam papers assessing Criteria 1, 2 or 4 and 7. Borderline C/B or B/A responses would be good. Please photocopy 10 copies of each.

SOUTHERN TASK:  Updated 15/8/16

The questions for moderation derive from the Remembering module: Memory section, Criteria 4 and 7. The question has the same format as the previous two years (two stimulus items, Parts A and B). We are aiming to moderate a range of work from A to t and 4 samples will be available.

Four Samples are attached for you to print out, read and bring to the meeting.