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8 Aug 2016

2016 Task for September Moderation – Outdoor Leadership

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Below is the agreed upon moderation task – Part 1 of the mid-year exam paper.

You are the leader of a small group of Year 6 primary school students on a day-long coastal walk. You have two other staff members with you. It is September in Tasmania. The group has high morale and have been getting along well. Waking along the beach, roughly half way through the day, the group has come to a major creek crossing. The creek crosses the beach and flows out into the ocean. On closer inspection you determine that the creek is flowing at about walking pace and would be knee deep on the shortest child.

Apply Conditional Outdoor Leadership Theory (COLT) to this scenario, explaining how you would use it to lead effectively and determine the best way to proceed. Choose and apply one other theory that you believe would also be a suitable leadership model in this given situation. Ensure that your response provides examples, based on the situation above, that show how differences in the application of your two chosen leadership theories can lead to different outcomes.

Please look at the four (4) samples and bring ratings to the September meeting regarding:

 CRITERION 2   Demonstrate understanding of leadership theory.

CRITERION 8   Communicate ideas and information in a variety of forms.

Attached is the marking rubric from 2015 that can be used for determining ratings.

We will discuss the functionality of the marking rubric at the meeting. Feel free to bring other work to share.