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8 Aug 2016

2016 Task for September Moderation – Modern History

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Modern History September Moderation


Teachers are assessing midyear-exam work on Criterion 5.

Procedure: Samples at the A level and at the C/D level collected from the mid-year exams (by Russell, Rachel, Jillian and Michael) – to be sent to

  • Samples will be circulated to be assessed prior to the meeting on criterion 5
  • Samples to be annotated (mark and comments re. standards) by teachers
  • Teachers are to bring annotated samples to meeting in September
  • If teachers did not attend in March please contact to access samples to mark before the meeting.


Teachers are asked to bring two essays to the meeting showing different levels for Criterion 4 (one lower level and one higher level- perhaps a B+/A-) to the September Meeting for the Modern Asia question:

“Referring to one Asian nation that you studied, how far did its own political systems and sense of nationalism shape that nations responses to both internal and external threats and issues. Where possible examining differing historical interpretations of that nations responses.”

Criterion 4: Use evidence to support own interpretation and historical argument.