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8 Aug 2016

2016 Task for September Moderation – German

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It may be possible to Lync with the German South group – in which case anyone registering for German in the North may wish to undertake the task detailed in the German South post below.


For German 3C, the teachers are asked to bring their own samples for the following two tasks to share, mark and discuss for both Criteria 2 (speaking in German) and 4 (writing in German).

For criterion 2, the questions are:

  • Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?
  • Wie kommst du normalerweise zur Schule?
  • Arbeitest du?
  • Was hast du gestern gegessen?
  • Was sind deine Zukunftspläne?

These will need to be recorded in class and brought along on a phone or MP3 player/ iPad etc.

For criterion 4, students will write an essay under exam conditions on the following topic:

  • Sie haben einen neuen Freund/ eine neue Freundin und laden ihn/sie zu eine Party bei Ihnen ein. Der Abend ist eine Katastrophe!! Schreiben Sie eine Geschichte und beschreiben Sie, was geschah.You make a new friend and so you invite him/her to a party at your place. The evening is a disaster!! Write a story explaining what happened.

Approximately 250 words in German.