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9 Aug 2016

Task for September Moderation – Drama 3

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Southern Meetings – Drama 3 are moderating criteria 1 and 8

  • Criterion 1 – Host school is to provide live performances of solo work to assess in the meeting.
  • Criterion 8 – All teachers are to bring examples of Exam essay question 3 from 2012 exam

“What do you consider makes a good actor? Discuss this in relation to the performances of two actors you have seen this year. Each actor you discuss must come from a different production.”


Northern Meetings – Drama 3:

  1. Please view the two Monologues and assess Monologue 1 – AC and Monologue 2 – AC before the meeting and assess against Criterion 1. These videos are password protected. A private password will be emailed to everyone who attended in March and will be disabled after moderation – please do not share this link with anyone who is not attending Moderation in September. If you did not attend in March but are attending in September – please email Louise Peters or Amanda Muruste to receive the password.
  2. In the meeting there will be videos of solo performances containing three solos from Louise: a mixture of poetry, prose and monologue to assess against Criteria 1.
  3. Also – it was agreed to use the 2012 Exam Question on Acting – Section A Question 3, Criterion 8 for midyear assessments. If teachers used this question, please bring along borderline cases (A/B or c/t) If you did not use this question – please bring along any borderline C8 samples you have to discuss.

Monologue 1 AC

Monologue 2 AC