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9 Aug 2016

2016 Task for September Moderation – Dance Choreography & Performance

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All teachers are asked to watch the two group pieces and the two solo pieces and assess them against Criteria 7 and 8 prior to coming to the meeting where the work will be moderated in regional groups.

Assess Dance Choreography and Performance Level 3 samples on:

  • Criterion 7: Create a personal movement vocabulary.
  • Criterion 8: apply structure and form to the design of own dance works to suit intent.

Also a discussion of Criterion 3 standards: Work autonomously and constructively with others and the attributes an A, B and C standard student would possess.

Due to the nature of these samples they have been saved as password protected videos – only accessible if you have the password . These videos will be deleted after Moderation. If you attended March moderation you will receive the password in an email. Please do not share these passwords with anyone else. If you are attending in September but did not attend the March meeting – please email (Northern Moderation Leader) or (Southern Moderation Leader) to receive a password.

Choreographic Intent for the two group and two Solo pieces is below:

Solo 1: Suicide Ideation – This explores the possible thoughts that run through one’s mind when deciding to live or die.

Solo 2: Impatience – This piece is an abstract exploration of impatience whilst waiting for someone.

Group 1: Origami – This piece explores the Japanese artform – Origami.

Group 2: Trust – This piece is an abstract exploration of trust.