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8 Aug 2016

2016 Task for September Moderation – Accounting

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At the northern March moderation meeting the group decided to have a trial balance to reports question similar to the 2015 final examination question on their respective schools’ and colleges’ mid-year examination.

It was determined that each school and college would have a question similar to the accompanying Section C question (see word document in September resources zip file).  A proposed draft marking scheme for this question (which, according to the examination specifications, assesses criteria 3 and 6) had previously been distributed (see spreadsheet in September resources zip file).

Teachers attending the September Northern moderation meeting for Accounting 3 are requested to bring copies of marked samples of assessed student work for their Section C mid-year exam question (one strong piece of work, one medium piece of work and one weaker piece of work) to the meeting.

If a different marking scheme has been used to assess this question, teachers are requested to also bring a copy of that marking scheme along with them.

Also, if the mid-year examination question was different to the one attached, teachers are also requested to bring along a copy of that question as well.


For the southern Accounting meeting we will be marking a common assessment task prepared by Jeremy Dooley from Guilford Young College. The task link is below for your reference and relates to Criterion 2 of the syllabus.

Samples to mark will be provided 1 – 2 weeks before moderation so that teachers can mark the samples before the meeting. Samples will also be posted online here – and emailed to all March attendees. Anyone attending who did not register for March’s meeting can contact Michelle Martin at