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17 May 2016

Southern English Communications Moderation

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Southern Moderation Arrangements 

The assessment criterion: C5

Model for September Meeting:

  • Midyear examination questions developed in advance by three specified schools and shared with teachers.
  • Samples developed from these questions in advance by three specified schools and teachers mark at September meeting.

Process and time frames

  1. Three schools volunteered to share Mid-Year Examination Questions, these were sent to English Managers on the May 3, 2016.
  2. Three schools volunteered to provide electronic/ scanned copies of samples enabling assessment of C5 for Belonging, Telling Truths and Imagining Australia Modules in preparation for the September Meeting
  3. Samples by three nominated schools sent to Lisa Davies by 5.00 Friday 15 of August 2016.Phone: 03 61655770   e:
  4. Please contact Lisa Davies if there are any points of concern that require clarification.
  • It was agreed at the Southern English Communications March Meeting that teachers would share Midyear Examination Questions that could additionally be used as a resource.
  • This have been kindly developed by Matt Preston, Jay Wheeler and Naomi Colbeck and I would like to thank them for taking the time to develop and share these resources, I am sure they will be of value and appreciated.
  • Additionally I would like to state, that however teachers choose to design and/or share midyear examination papers and assessment rubrics, please remember that the source of truth for the final examination is the course document and the examination specifications.