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8 Dec 2016

Referencing across all English courses

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English Literature is the only syllabus that has a mandated referencing system, MLA, and teachers of other syllabuses are free to teach their preferred method or to allow students to use a system they are familiar with that is taught in other subject areas. This can lead to a certain amount of confusion and lack of “mastery” on the part of students and teachers (and, in some cases, librarians).


For purposes of clarity, consistency and continuity, I would like to recommend the adoption of a single mandated referencing system across all syllabuses (English 3C, English Literature 3C, English Writing 3C, English Foundations 2C and English Applied 2C). Since MLA has been adopted for Literature, this would seem to be an appropriate choice.


That a single consistent referencing methodology be adopted for use in all English syllabuses and that MLA be the mandated system.

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