To subscribe to the RSS feed for news items from this site, follow the two simple steps below:

Step One:  click on this link. In some browsers you may need to cut and paste the following URL:

Step Two:  Open your email account and go to account settings, select RSS feeds and add the following URL:  
Once added highlight Years 11 and 12 and then select automatically download enclosures. All 9-12 Learning news items will now appear in this RSS mail box when posted.

RSS feed is best viewed in IE or Firefox. If viewing in Google Chrome add the RSS Subscription extension.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @Curriculum11_12


  • Once subscribed you will have a folder appear in your email account called RSS Feeds (if you are not already subscribed to other RSS services) – the emails will appear in a folder titled Years 11 and 12.
  • The emails do not appear as single entries in you inbox, as I believe some might assume they will. You will need to specifically check the RSS Feed folder to see the news feed items.
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