Moderation – 2017 March Course Instructions

Below is a list of links to instructions, samples and resources for each moderating course for March 2017 Moderation Day.

English Applied (ENA215114)
English (ENG315117)
English Literature (ENL315114)
English Writing (ENW315114)
English Foundations (ENG215117)


Humanities and Social Sciences
Accounting (ACC315116)
Ancient History (ANH315117)
Australia in Asia and the Pacific (AAPH315117)
Business Studies (BST315116)
Business Studies – Foundation (BST215116)
Economics (ECN315116)
Geography (GGY315115)
Introduction to Sociology and Psychology (BHX215116)
Legal Studies (LST315117)
Legal Studies – Foundation (LST215117)
Modern History (HSM315115)
Philosophy (PHL315113)
Psychology (BHP315116)
Sociology (BHS315116)
Studies of Religion (REL315116)
Working with Children (BHC215116)


Health and Physical Education
Athlete Development (ATH215113)
Health Studies (HLT315113)
Outdoor Education (OXP215113)
Outdoor Leadership (OXP315113)
Personal Health and Wellbeing (PER215113)
Sport Science (SPT315113)
Sport Science – Foundation (SPT215113)


Chinese (CHN315114) and Chinese – Foundation (CHN215114)
French (FRN315114) and French – Foundation (FRN215114)
German (GRM315114) and German – Foundation (GRM215114)
Italian (ITN315114) and Italian – Foundation (ITN215114)
Japanese (JPN315114) and Japanese – Foundation (JPN215114)
English as an Additional Language 2 (EAL215114) and English as an Additional Language 3 (EAL315115)


General Mathematics (MTG315115)
General Mathematics – Foundation (MTG215114)
Mathematics Methods (MTM415117)
Mathematics Methods – Foundation (MTM315117)
Mathematics Specialised (MTS415114)
Workplace Maths (MTW215114)


Mixed Field
Personal Pathway Planning (PPP205113)
Student Directed Inquiry (SDI315113)
Work Readiness (WRK215117) 


Biology (BIO315116)
Chemistry (CHM415115)
Environmental Science and Society (ESS315114)
Life Sciences (LSC215115)
Physical Sciences (PSC315114)
Physical Sciences – Foundation (SPW215114)
Physics (PHY415115)


Agricultural Enterprise and Agricultural Systems
Automotive and Mechanical Technologies (AMT215116)
Computer Applications (ICT205114)
Computer Graphics & Design (CGD315113)
Computer Graphics and Design – Foundation (CGD215113)
Computer Science (ITC315113)
Design and Production (DAP215116)
Electronics (ELT315114)
Electronics – Foundation (ELT215114)
Food & Nutrition (FDN315113)
Food and Hospitality Enterprise (FHE215116)
Food, Cooking and Nutrition (FDN215113)
Housing and Design (HDS315113)
Information Systems & Digital Technologies (ITS315113)
Technical Graphics (TEG315115)


The Arts
Art Production (ART315117)
Art Practice (ART215217)
Art Studio Practice (ART315214)
Art Theory and Criticism (ARA315116)
Contemporary Music (MSC215115)
Music Technology Projects – Foundation (AUD215115)
Dance (DNC215115)
Dance Choreography and Performance (DNC315115)
Drama (SDD315115)
Drama – Foundation (SDS215115)
Media Production (MED315117)
Media Production – Foundation (MED215115)
Music (MSM315115)
 Music Studies (MSS215115)
Music Ensemble (MSM205115)
Theatre Performance (SDP315115)
Visual Art (ART210117)


Life Skills / High Additional Needs
Library (TBA)