General moderation info

Years 11&12 Moderation is a twice-yearly professional learning event that takes place in March and September each year. The main purpose of Moderation is to ensure comparability of standards across the state.

Since 2016 this has been a fully cross-sectoral event involving more than 1200 senior secondary teachers.All teachers of Years 11&12 courses in all sectors in all schools are invited to take part.

Moderation is organised by Curriculum Services on behalf of the three sectors (DoE, Catholic Education Office, Independent Schools Tasmania) and the Cross-Sectoral Organising Committee, made up of representatives from each of the sectors.

Moderation meetings run by Curriculum Services are separate and distinct from Quality Assurance Meetings run by TASC. An information sheet explaining the differences between the two is available on the TASC website.

This video from 2016 explains the annual moderation cycle (please note the PL in 2017 is on 9th and 10th March which is before the first Moderation meeting rather than between the moderation meetings)