7 September 2018


Years 11 and 12 Moderation in 2018 will be held at Newstead College and Guilford Young College (Glenorchy Campus) on Friday 7 September.

Step 1 – Registration

Step 2 – Accessing

  • If you registered for Moderation in March and will be attending the same meeting(s) in September you still have access to those Canvas course(s).

*** Please note: samples for pre-submission of ratings will be published in the canvas course from 20 August. ***

  • If you did not attend Moderation in March OR if you are going to attend a different meeting you may require access to a new Canvas course. You will receive an email invitation to the new Canvas course(s) shortly after your registration (within approximately 3 business days).

Step 3 – Submitting your ratings before the meeting

  • Access your Learning Area Room in Canvas from 20 August, select your course and you will be asked to read/watch/listen to a range of work samples and to assess and rate them before the meeting. These ratings will be submitted using the link provided in the Canvas room for your course.
  • Please complete all your assessments before the meeting so that more meeting time can be dedicated to discussion, consensus building and determining ways of improving learners’ work.

What is new for 2018? Samples, pre-submission and meeting materials are in Canvas rather than on the 11 and 12 website.

Why did we change in 2018? The 11 and 12 website allows us to host links and files but does not have the functionality of Canvas which enables us to secure resources and processes in a single place for teachers and will over time enable deeper assessment, collaboration and production and publication of annotated multi-modal artefacts.

How will this affect you in 2018? The new processes were used in March, so if you participated in moderation in March there is no change for September.

Please note:  The following courses do not have a moderation meeting scheduled for September as they have a TASC Quality Assurance Meeting.

  • Art Practice (ART215217)
  • Computer Graphics and Design (CGD215118)
  • English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL215114)
  • English Applied (ENA215114)
  • English Foundations (ENG215117)
  • History and the Environment (HAE215115)
  • Intro to Sociology and Psychology (BHX215118)
  • Legal Studies Foundation (LST215117)
  • Media Production Foundations (MED215117)
  • Religion in Society (RLP215115)
  • Tasmanian Aboriginal Studies (TAS215118)
  • Visual Art (215117)
  • Work Readiness (WRK215117)

For more information please refer to the TASC website.

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