September 2018

On 7 September 2018 around 1200 teachers from all sectors – Government, Catholic and Independent schools attended the second Years 11 and 12 Moderation Day for the year.  One hundred and forty-nine meetings were held in two separate sites, one northern and one southern. 

The teachers actively worked on how to improve student learning outcomes and ensure consistency of judgements. This work enables students to be provided with the feedback required to progress their learning and teachers the feedback on what to do next to support student learning.

We appreciate the support received from schools in allowing teachers to participate in the process and also the community in allowing these valuable days to occur.

The moderation reports for these meetings will be available from the beginning of Term 4.

We look forward to Years 11 and 12 Moderation in 2019 and the opportunity to further develop the knowledge built upon this year.

Feedback on the September Moderation Meetings 2018

September Moderation Infographic

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