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28 Feb 2017

Moderation – March 2017 – Working with Children

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Please download and print off the attached samples and support materials (or bring along a device on which you can view the samples) and bring them to the meeting. (Paper copies of samples, support materials and course documents will not be provided on the day).

There will be some time in the meeting to assess the samples but it will be useful to have already read them beforehand.

Both North and South moderation meetings will be assessing the samples against:

  • Criterion 1, (element 1)
  • Criterion 5, (elements 1 and 4*)

* How could this task be developed to effectively incorporate C5/S4?

e.g. ‘initiate communication to … contribute to … social… development.’

Time permitting:

  • Discussions around Criterion 6, all elements (especially ‘cultural differences’ S2 and 3 as requested in Moderation Report in the North, September 2016)

Each provider is asked to bring (10) copies of a range of anonymised samples, where possible. Samples ideally should be borderline (C/t, B/C or A/B) Please consult with other teachers from your school/college in order to do so.

There will be time in the meeting to assess the samples but it will be useful for each representative from your school/college to have read them beforehand.

Please also ensure you bring a copy of the Course Document.