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28 Feb 2017

Moderation – March 2017 – English Applied

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March 2017 Moderation Meeting for English Applied Level 2

Please download and print off the attached samples and support materials (or bring along a device on which you can view the samples) and bring them to the meeting. (Paper copies of samples, support materials and course documents will not be provided on the day).

There will be some time in the meeting to assess the samples, but it will be useful to have already read them beforehand.

You will be assessing Sample 1 against:

  • Criterion (6), elements (1,2,3,4) )

You will be assessing Samples 2, 3 and 4 against:

  • Criterion (2), elements (1,2,3,4)

Please also ensure you bring a copy of the Course Document.



Sample 1 will also be moderated in English Applied against C1 and in English Foundations against C6.

In 2017 English Applied Level 2, Criterion 1 is now identical to 2017 English Foundations Level 2 Criterion 6. As such, we need to share and develop a common understanding across both level 2 courses as to what constitutes a C rating for this particular criterion.

The discussion, and work you do today is vital in improving student literacy learning outcomes.

NB Sample 1 Represents Year 11 AC English Units 1 and 2 work in another jurisdiction. Our level 2 courses are of lower level of complexity. I have included this sample because it enables AC Senior Secondary English Content as does our Foundations English course.

It is simply an exercise to develop a common understanding across the two courses English Applied and English Foundations.

The work sample in its original context was assessed against A-E grade descriptors. I have provided a copy of these and the original annotated sample for your Moderation Leader to share with you after our moderation process.

SAMPLES 2, 3 & 4

I have sourced a range of work samples three differing school contexts.

We will be moderating C2 – which was formerly in 2016 C1.

I believe an important outcome from these moderation meetings is to develop annotated work samples that have been moderated across all school sectors.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Regards, Lisa