Moderation 2016


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September Moderation 2016

Welcome to Years 11 and12 Moderation 2016!

(Please note there have been some room changes please check timetables below to ensure you have most up to date information)

Moderation will take place at Launceston College, Claremont College and Guilford Young College on Friday 2nd September. What to do now…

Registration and Task Completion:

  • If you have not already done so – please register now (registration closes at 6pm on Friday 26th August)
  • Once you have registered please check the instructions from your Moderation Leader by first clicking on your Learning Area on the Left hand side.
  • Then select your Course – this will take you to the course page where you will find September Task instructions from your Moderation Leader.
  • Please ensure you have completed all required tasks before the meeting.

Information about the day

Meetings are cross-sectoral, including teachers from DoE, Catholic and Independent schools.

The purpose of the day is to ensure comparability of standards across the state through moderation of student work.

Each meeting will follow a similar agenda and use a moderation protocol developed by the Moderation Leader.


Moderation Timetable – NORTH 1.5 (the most recent version of this timetable is 1.5)

Moderation Timetable – SOUTH 1.6) (the most recent version of this timetable is 1.6)

Some changes from March based on feedback from teachers and Moderation Leaders include:

Physical Sciences Foundation and Physical Sciences are now in separate meetings at different times

Food Cooking and Nutrition and Food Hospitality Enterprise are now in separate meetings at the same time.

German Foundation and German are in the PM session.

Drama Foundation and Drama are now together in the AM session with Theatre Performance in the PM session.


Please bear in mind the large numbers attending and the 30 minute lunch break – where possible we recommend bringing a packed lunch, particularly if you need to travel between sites.

Where possible, teachers are encouraged to car pool from their home school to moderation meetings to lessen the impact on parking. This is particularly important when attending Launceston College where parking will be limited.

Some Schools/Colleges will arrange for pre-ordering of food or a voucher system – please consult with your leadership team for school-specific arrangements.

Campus Information:

  • Guilford Young – Glenorchy Campus Refreshments (coffee/tea/biscuits) will be available from 9.30am. No food will be available on site, though Northgate Shopping Centre has many food options – 4 mins walk from Glenorchy Campus. Parking is available and will be signposted on site.
  • Claremont College Refreshments (coffee/tea/biscuits) will be available in A004 from 9.30am.  Parking is available on site – proceed around the front of the college to the car park next to the gym.  The College Cafeteria will be open for lunch (selection of rolls, sandwiches, pies).  Claremont Village is a short walk/drive from Claremont College.
  • Launceston College Campus Refreshments (coffee/tea/biscuits) will be available in The Undercroft from 9.30am. Pre-orders for Cube Café (Launceston College Campus) will be  available and coordinated by individual schools/colleges. Cube will be open from 8.30am – 2.30pm for drinks and snacks. There are also local Cafés such as Tio Rico within short walking distance across the road from LC on Paterson Street. Parking is very limited – recommend carpooling where possible. There may be spaces in Bathurst Street carpark or Target carpark.

Getting there

  • Please consider car-pooling to reduce impact on parking
  • Please consult with your home school with regard to coaches/buses

What next?

  • Please ensure you have registered by 6pm Friday 26th August.
  • You may register more than once if you change your mind or the requirements of your school/college mean you need to change your attendance (we will use the most recent registration)
  • Most meetings require you either to download and mark work before the meetings, or require you to undertake tasks with your students prior to the meeting and bring anonymised work samples. Please ensure you check carefully to make sure you bring and do everything required before the meetings.


Professional Learning Resources for Moderation Leaders

Support Videos for Teachers and Moderation Leaders - March 2016

Below you will find the instructional videos for March 2016 moderation days. Video 1 is an introduction to moderation in 2016. Video 2 is information for Moderation Leaders on the agenda and protocol.