General Information

On this page you will find information to assist with the teaching of courses in the Technologies learning area.

An online space has been established to provide an opportunity for teachers to collaborate across sectors, and share resources and ideas. Instructions on how to join can be found on the Communities of Practice page.

The Curriculum Leader for Technologies can be contacted via email at

Course Development

Teachers and the wider educational community are key partners in the course development process in the Years 9 to 12 Project. The Road Map for this learning area includes the current course offerings and a staged process of replacing or creating new courses. For more information visit the Course Development section of this website.


Information to support the delivery of courses currently accredited by TASC can be found below.

Automotive and Mechanical Technologies

Computer Applications

Electronics – Foundation

Essential Skills – Using Computers and the Internet

Food and Cooking Essentials

Food and Hospitality Enterprise

Information Systems & Digital Technologies

Technical Graphics – Foundation

Workshop Techniques – Introduction

Learning Area Group (LAG)

Years 9 to 12 Learning Area Groups (LAGs) meet as required to advise on strategic aspects of course provision, development, implementation and review. 

Current LAG members are:

  • Belinda Brannam (Curriculum Leader – Technologies) – Chair
  • Lou Christie (Yr 11/12 Teacher – Department of Education Sector)
  • VACANT – (Yr 9/12 Teacher – Catholic Sector)
  • VACANT – (Yr 9/10 Teacher – Independent Sector)
  • Louise Wallis (UTAS)
  • Jillian Brandsema (UTAS)
  • Katie Lowther (VET/VEL)
  • Paul Lanham (TasTAFE)
  • Dr Tristan Richards (Industry)

For more information about the LAG please contact