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On this page you will find general information and news items relating to the Science learning area.

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Learning Area Group (LAG)

Members of the Learning Area Group for Science are:

  • Peter Wright (Curriculum Leader – Science) – Chair
  • Madiyantika Varma (Yr 11/12 – Department of Education Sector)
  • Amanda McTernan (Yr 11/12 – Catholic Sector)
  • Katrina Munting (Yr 11/12 – Independent Sector)
  • Emma Heynes (Yr 9/10 Teacher)
  • Andrew Seen (UTAS)
  • Donna Sattherthwaite (UTAS)
  • Matt Eyles (VET/VEL)
  • David Ponting (Industry)
  • YET TO BE FILLED – TasTAFE representative

For more information about the LAG please contact


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