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On this page you will find general information and news items relating to the Science learning area.

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Learning Area Group (LAG)

Members of the Learning Area Group for Science are:

  • Peter Wright (Curriculum Leader – Science) – Chair
  • Madiyantika Varma (Yr 11/12 – Department of Education Sector)
  • Amanda McTernan (Yr 11/12 – Catholic Sector)
  • Katrina Munting (Yr 11/12 – Independent Sector)
  • Emma Heynes (Yr 9/10 Teacher)
  • Andrew Seen (UTAS)
  • Donna Sattherthwaite (UTAS)
  • David Ponting (Industry)
  • YET TO BE FILLED – TasTAFE representative

If you would like to see the possible future state, and where the Learning Area could be headed, including which courses are being redeveloped, please head to the Road Maps page. On each Road Map you will see the current course offerings and a staged process of replacing or creating new courses. The first stage (Tranche 1) is underway in 2020. The Road Maps will be available to give feedback on until the end of the year.

For more information about the LAG please contact


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