Community Service Learning (CSL205118)

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Review of Courses New in 2018

Posted on18 Nov 2018
Courses for Review Humanities & Social Sciences Health & Physical Education Mathematics Mixed Field Science Technologies ·        Introduction to Sociology and Psychology Level 2 ·       ...
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Accredited by TASC

Community Service Learning accredited by TASC. TASC Course Information.
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Final course documents submitted to TASC for accreditation

7 April 2017 Final course documents submitted to TASC for accreditation.  
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Accreditation Submission made to TASC

7th April 2017 Community Service Learning - Level 2 submitted to TASC for accreditation.    
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Revisions Made, Accreditation Submission Prepared, Second quality assurance of course

31 March 2017 Revisions made, accreditation submission prepared, second quality assurance of course.
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Final Consultation Draft Online

14th February 2017 to 27th February 2017 Final Consultation Draft available for comment for two weeks through formstack 
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Quality Assurance Process Completed

13th November 2016 Curriculum Services Quality Assurance 1 (QA1) Process Completed
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Draft Course Developed in Consultation with Key Teachers and Critical Friends

10th November 2016 Initial draft course development completed in consultation with key teachers and Critical Friends. Submitted for Quality Assurance Process.
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Submission of Notification of Intent to Develop Senior Secondary Course

13th September 2016 - Notification of Intent submitted to Office of TASC
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Pre-Course-Writing Consultation with Subject Teachers across Sectors

Forum Consultation - North - 8th August 2016 Forum Consultation - North-West - 9th August - 2016 Forum Consultation - South - 10th August - 2016
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Receipt of Independent Course Analysis from TASC

Receipt of Independent Course Analysis from TASC 1st August 2016
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Time-frame Established

Time-frame for Course Development Established 24th June 2016 Courses expiring in 2017 - Communique
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