Humanities and Social Sciences – Civics and Citizenship

General Information

On this page you will find general information and news items relating to the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area focusing on the civics and citizenship areas.

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Learning Area Summary

Learning Area Group (LAG)

Members of the Learning Area Group for Humanities and Social Sciences are:

  • Dr Adam Grover (Curriculum Teacher Leader) – Chair
  • Carl Hinde (Yr 11/12 Teacher – Department of Education Sector)
  • Michelle Quayle (Yr 11/12 Teacher – Catholic Sector)
  • Mark Allen (Yr 11/12 Teacher – Independent Sector)
  • Lisa Herd (Yr 9/10 Teacher)
  • Louise Zarmati (UTAS)
  • Barbara Holgate (TasTAFE)
  • YET TO BE FILLED – Industry representative
  • YET TO BE FILLED – VET/VEL representative

For more information about the LAG please contact


Review of Courses New in 2018

Posted on18 Nov 2018
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