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27 Jun 2019

Final Shortlist of Prescribed Text Recommendations for 2020 English ENG315117

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The final shortlist provided is based on recommendations from schools and colleges received through the consultation process conducted in late March.

The final shortlist has been published for the purpose of transparency and for teacher information.

Click Final English Short List 2020 for a copy.

The recommendations were reviewed by the Text Selection Panel using the criteria outlined below:  



Each text selected will:

  • have literary merit and be worthy of close study
  • be an excellent example of form and genre
  • sustain intensive study, raising interesting issues and providing challenging ideas
  • be appropriate and inclusive for students
  • be appropriate for the age and development of students and, in that context, reflect current
  • community standards and expectations.
  • adhere to Senior Secondary Australian Curriculum English and Literature text specifications
  • where relevant adhere to English, Level 3, and English Literature, Level 3, course content.

The text list as a whole will:

  • be suitable for a wide range of students, including second language students
  • reflect the cultural diversity of the Tasmanian community
  • include a balance of new and established works
  • include texts that display affirming perspectives
  • include texts by or about Australians, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • reflect engagement with Asia.

The list comprises qualified recommendations by providers with authorisation from their School/College Principals.

ACTION:   If you consider that any texts recommended on the shortlist are not appropriate because of serious concerns relating to the selection criteria – please contact me via return email by providing:

  • a rationale as to why it does not meet the selection criteria
  • names of recommended replacements that have been read by a teacher/teachers at the college and that have permission from your Principal for submission to Curriculum Services.

Please provide this information by close of business Friday 19 July 2019.

Regards, Lisa