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29 Oct 2018

Final Consultation Draft – Preliminary to Level 1 Course – Preliminary Access to Work


The Preliminary to Level 1 – Access to Work is being developed for consideration for accreditation by TASC – this is the final consultation of the draft course. View full details of the Course Accreditation Procedures here.

Before reaching this stage, the course has been through a rigorous process of consultation with critical friends and Learning Area Group (LAG) which is made up of representatives from Curriculum Services, the teaching profession and other bodies including the University of Tasmania.

This course has also been through a Quality Assurance process involving Curriculum Services.

This course will be published for a period of two (2) weeks from Monday 29 October to Friday 9 November 2018 for all stakeholders to provide feedback and constructive suggestions on:

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Criteria
  • Standards
  • Work Requirements
  • Content

Where possible we would appreciate if schools and colleges ask teachers to consult prior to feedback in order to provide a single response. However, individuals are also welcome to provide feedback.

Please click here to provide feedback on the Preliminary to Level 1 Course – Access to Work.

The draft document is available here.