University of Tasmania Programs FAQ

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What’s the advice for the University Connections Program (UCP) and Higher Achiever Program (HAP)?

  • Students are encouraged to regularly check in to their MyLO sites.
  • UCP: University unit coordinators are liaising with teachers as to how courses can/will be taught in response to the latest medical advice.
  • Some UCP units have already been moved to online delivery using MyLO and Canvas. Plans are being put in place to support students remotely, and to provide alternative learning experiences where it has been necessary to cancel or postpone some events.
  • Students who have not yet completed the enrollment process will continue to be supported.
  • HAP: Students will have received information about how their courses will be delivered as the University moves to online teaching.
  • For guidance and advice relating to additional support for these courses, please visit the UTAS website.
  • All other enquiries relating to this program should be directed to

UTAS Schools Recommendation Program

What is the UTAS Schools Recommendation Program for Tasmanian Year 12 students?

  • We know that this has been an unprecedented year, with Year 12 students’ study being heavily disrupted. The University of Tasmania and the Department of Education have been working together on a new School Recommendation Program for Tasmanian Year 12 students wanting to go to university.
  • This program is designed to relieve students’ stress and ensure disruptions this year do not impact on their future by enabling them to be admitted to the University of Tasmania based on the recommendation of their school.

How does the UTAS Schools Recommendation Program work?

  • No one knows a student like their teacher, and teachers have the ability to determine how a student will go at university.  They are able to provide a holistic evaluation, rather than just rely on a student’s formal assessments to calculate the ATAR. 
  • This program still requires students to complete Year 12 and does not replace other mechanisms like the ATAR. 
  • It offers an alternative for students to give them assurance about their future earlier in the year and ensure that the challenges they might face this year don’t disadvantage them.

How do students apply for the UTAS Schools Recommendation Program?

  • Students can take advantage of the University of Tasmania’s school recommendation program there are some simple steps:
    • Review the extensive list of 2021 courses, available here.
    • Submit their application here after the Easter holidays.
    • The school will complete the recommendation and supply Year 11 results to the University after mid-year assessments (or equivalent).
    • Students will receive an offer once the recommendation is received from the school.

Does the program apply for all courses?

  • At this stage, the program cannot guarantee places for quota courses such as Medicine, Nursing or Paramedicine, but UTAS will be asking for expressions of interest for these areas of study so that they can prioritise applications for Tasmanian Year 12 students.
  • If students don’t receive a recommendation for their preferred bachelor course, UTAS will work directly with them to offer an alternative pathway such as the Diploma of University Studies that will ensure they are well supported to complete the chosen bachelor degree in the same timeframe.

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