Teaching & Learning Resources FAQ

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Where can I access online school resources?

Resources can be accessed here on the Years 11 and 12 website.  In addition, a range of supports are being prepared for teachers in Years 11 and 12 to support learning from home. These include:

  • Support materials to prepare for online delivery of learning.
  • Professional learning supports for teachers.
  • Resources and materials to support delivery of courses online and offline.
  • Online spaces for information, materials and collaboration.

With online options how can we provide students access to software for courses that are dependent on these and in some cases may require hardware with greater capacity than students may have at home (For example: Computer Graphic and Design software)

  • Many IT vendors including software providers are providing free use of their tools for the next 2 to 6 months. ITS are working with providers such as Adobe in order to facilitate this. Other software packages such as AutoCAD and AVID already include free access for students.
  • Our aim is to produce guidance to schools on each of the identified software packages and any free versions currently provided by the vendor.  The first draft of this will be available as soon as possible.
  • With use of cloud-based applications this may mean that lower specified hardware is required than the traditional desktop installed software.

I’m a non DoE teacher and have noticed that in Canvas not all courses are there, e.g. Biology, Chemistry. Are they going to be uploaded?

  • We‘re currently identifying and uploading a number of additional CANVAS resources. Additional resources are intended to be identified and developed over time.

Is it okay to use CANVAS courses developed by others including Years 9-12 Learning for students to complete at home?

  • Some CANVAS resources are developed and provided by Years 9-12 Learning within the Department of Education. These resources show one way a course might be taught.
  • It is important that teachers make sure the resources they are using for teaching fit within their scope and sequence and meet the needs of their students.
  • TASC do not develop any teaching resources.

What plans are in place for further development of Canvas courses?

  • Virtual Learning Tasmania (VLT) is currently working to share Canvas courses with schools around the State and these will be placed in Canvas Commons as they become available (see the Years 11 and 12 website for instructions on accessing these).
  • Priority has been given to those courses that do not already have a resource available through Years 9-12 Learning.
  • In addition, a number of teachers and schools have offered to share their courses and we are working to make them available in Canvas Commons soon.  Such collaboration and sharing is strongly encouraged in our current context to support our colleagues and complement our online Communities of Practice.
  • Please contact years9to12learning@education.tas.gov.au if you would like to share Canvas or other resources.

Can schools be given authority to make their own BluePrint pages in Canvas?

  • Canvas courses can be created by any Department of Education teacher or school leader in their school/college’s *account. To enable an existing Canvas Course as a Blueprint Canvas Course and associate it to other courses, teachers need to complete this form so that a Canvas Administrator within Curriculum Services can process this request. Once the link between the Blueprint Course and associated courses is made, production and syncing of content becomes the responsibility of the school/college. Content can continue to be made in the Blueprint Course and synced as required. For more information on blueprint courses please refer to this document
  • The access required to make Blueprint Courses relate to system wide account role permissions and are not available at a school sub-account level.

Are non-government schools able to access Canvas courses for Years 11 and 12 during this Continuity of Learning period?

  • Teachers are able to view Canvas courses for Years 11 and 12 by following the information in this information sheet: How do I access Years 11 and 12 resources if I teach at a Catholic or Independent school? (using generic login).
  • Within this information sheet is also instructions on downloading a common cartridge file of one of the years 11 and 12 courses. This file can be:
    • imported into a Canvas course. For example, you can create a free Canvas account and import the exported file to your own Canvas course to use with your students.
    • opened by programs and other LMS’s that support Common Cartridge files.
    • treated as any other ZIP file by changing the extension from .imscc to .zip
  • Teachers without a DoE Canvas account are able to create a personal account with Canvas for free.
  • While this account would not have any integration, this would allow teachers to import any year 11 or 12 Canvas course that is available in Canvas Commons.

Do you still have a question? Email our team who will post the response on this FAQ’s page years9to12learning@education.tas.gov.au