General FAQ

This page was last updated on: 19/6/2020 at 02:09
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How does the indoor gathering restriction of 1 person per 4 square metre apply to schools?

  • This restriction does not apply to students. See for information on physical distancing and calculations for maximum adult (non-student) numbers per room.

Will the current reporting schedule be maintained?

  • Refer to your sector or school head for advice and information on reporting. For DoE schools, see advice on reporting in the Operating Guidelines here.

What advice have you got in relation to courses with high practical elements / work requirements such as Dance, Drama, Outdoor Leadership and Science subjects?

  • TASC and Years 9 to 12 Learning have worked together to has consider the impact of the current COVID-19 circumstances on learning for students. TASC has published information online regarding course adjustments and considerations for 2020. This can be found here.

    Practical elements of subjects can proceed at the school’s discretion, provided safety protocols around hygiene, physical distancing and cleaning are being followed. For more information, visit the Tasmanian Government Coronavirus website here or consult your sector head for school-specific advice. For DoE schools, specific advice about subjects with practical elements can be found in the Term 2 Operating Guidelines here.

    Students are able to proceed with placements that are essential to course requirements. These are subject to the normal procedures regarding placements, including obtaining parental approval. Whilst undertaking placements, students must adhere to physical distancing and hygiene measures. As part of the workplace induction, students should be made aware of and follow any site-specific COVID-19 requirements. Any student who is unwell, or who is required to self-isolate, must not attend class or a placement and must be sent home.