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3 May 2016

English Applied September 2016 Moderation Task

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Please find attached the English Applied Moderation task for September along with supporting documentation Exemplars of position descriptions and an annotated position description.

English Applied Moderation Task September 2016

Criterion 3: Use Strategies and skills to comprehend texts

Moderation Protocol:

English Applied teachers specified at the March Meeting that all teachers would bring work samples to be read and moderated at the meeting.

Preparation required for September Meeting

All participants bring samples (2 with different ratings) from the common assessment task attached.

All participants make 10 photocopies of both samples to be presented and shared at the meeting.

Task: Job advertisement analysis/ summary – see attached task

Please note that this is only one suggested way of undertaking the task – the only aspect that is prescriptive concerns creating a summary which addresses:

  • the area of industry to which the position belongs
  • the main purpose of the job
  • the skills, personal qualities and experience/training required
  • an explanation of the type of person would best suited to the position by identifying the characteristics or values of the ideal candidate
  • an evaluation explaining how successful the position description is in encouraging people to apply for the job.

Additionally feel free to please select your own position descriptions but ensure that you include a copy of this with the moderated sample.

The annotated position description is not comprehensive –simply an example of an approach.

Additional Resources to teach the task

The task has been taken from the English Applied Fronter room which I developed last year.

This is located in Unit 4 Workplace Communication/ Learning Activities Activity 3 What are employers are looking for?

To support the teaching of this task there are additional resources in the Fronter room

  • Activity 1,  1.3 What is the ideal job contains a range of videos outlining different types of jobs
  • Activity 2, 2.2 My Dream Job also contains 2 videos focusing on the best jobs in the world

Accessing English Applied Fronter

Log into with the following credentials:

Username: flexible

Password: flexible

Please contact Lisa Davies if anything needs further explanation or amendment.

English Applied Moderation Task 2016

English Applied Position Descriptions

Annotated Position Description English Applied Moderation