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13 May 2019

English 3, September 2019, Moderation Instrument

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September 2019 English 3

The Moderation instrument will focus on two different aspects:

  • An imaginative response: Criterion 5 Elements 1,2,3,4
  • An analytical response (from Modules 1 or 2 ): Criterion 6 Elements 1,2,3,4

The process for English 3 Moderation is as follows:

  1. Schools to provide an Analytical response only

Using the link below – all schools please send two samples of an analytical response (Modules 1 or 2) representing borderline ratings from the (A to t range) by cob July 5th, 2019 to: Curriculum Leader Lisa Davies –

Upload sample submissions through this link

  • It would be helpful if the samples were scanned and sent electronically.
  • Please remove any student identification and assessment comments and marks etc.
  • When forwarding the samples for Moderation please identify the specific context/conditions of creation of the sample as it is important to know whether the students have had time to draft and refine the response.

2. The conditions for delivering the instrument

  • The required form of the response is an analytical essay, written in the third person.
  • The purpose of this task is for state-wide Moderation.
  • Schools could choose to deliver the instrument in the context of an ‘in class’ essay, open book, edit, draft or mid-year examination.
  • Schools are reminded that the purpose of Moderation is not to develop midyear examination papers.
  • If schools choose to share their midyear examination papers, please understand this will not have influence on setting of the final examination. The source of truth is the course document and the examination specifications.