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1 Feb 2019

Curriculum Services English Learning Area Update February 2019

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The following constitutes an overview of some of the work of Curriculum Services in the English Learning Area from late 2018 into 2019.

Curriculum Services Communication

  • Please note that all information regarding the work of Curriculum Services in regards to Years 11-12  is published on the Years 11-12 Curriculum Website
  • All communication regarding the work of Curriculum Services in the English Learning Area is published on this site and this will be the principal means of communication to ensure all information is accessible to all stakeholders.

Subscribing to RSS  news feed from the Years 11-12 Curriculum Website.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed for news items on the site, using the following steps:


  • I would like to welcome the return of EALD  suite of courses to Years 11-12 English Learning Area, this move brings us in-line with all other Australian states.
  •  I would like to formally thank and  acknowledge Melissa Wickins the former Curriculum Teacher Leader EALD and Languages for the professional and positive approach should brought to her work in this area.
  • I look forward to working with you and request that if you have any queries in relation to the curriculum that you direct them to me.

New TASC Accredited  Preliminary to Level 1 English Courses  for 2019

  • Preliminary English Stages 1-4 PRE005119, PRE005219, PRE005319, PRE005419,
  • To enable greater accessibility, opportunities for attainment and content clearly aligned to the Australian Curriculum Preliminary courses contain the following features:
    • course content developed throughout four stages of learning which focus on progressing learners from an emergent to early conventional level.
    • learners can enter the course at any of the four stages depending upon their level of readiness or ability
    • a learner can undertake 50 hours, 100 hours or 150 hours of study in each Stage of learning

Amendments and minor corrections to English courses.

Development of Prescribed Text Lists for English Level 3ENG315117 and English Literature ENL315114 for study in 2020

English Literature ENL315114

  • I also note that changes have been made to English Literature ENL315114 through the Version History in the online TASC course document regarding ‘Clarification of use of texts from Modules Two and Three on examination.’ You may wish to familiarise yourself with these changes as the changes may influence your teaching plan for the year.
  • As best practice teachers should always check the current version of TASC accredited courses on the TASC website to note any changes in the Version History of the course document.

Kind regards Lisa