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15 Aug 2016

Courses Expiring in 2017

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For the remainder of 2016 Curriculum Services Years 9-12 Team will be working on the redevelopment of TASC courses expiring in 2017.

This action has been initiated for a number of reasons, including:

  • a desire to prepare new courses in a more timely manner so that teachers have at least a year to familiarise themselves with any new content or course requirements. An intervention to the accreditation cycle made now will set the pattern for future years;
  • a need to regulate the workflow for teachers, Curriculum Teacher Leaders and TASC officers in terms of course consultation, development and accreditation, so that resource development, professional learning and assessment related activities (e.g. moderation, preparation of external assessment specifications) can occur in a more timely manner;
  • an opportunity to use the current capacity of the CTL team to lead the redevelopment of expiring courses;
  • an intention to develop the best possible courses for teaching in 2018.

It is acknowledged that this work is occurring whilst a Years 9 to 12 Review is underway, the outcomes of which are unknown. If ongoing work regarding the review findings is to occur in 2017 then schools, teachers, Curriculum Services and TASC staff can do this effectively if there are no competing priorities (e.g. the re-development of expiring courses).

Sector heads have been informed of this initiative. The normal consultation process of teacher forums/surveys, engagement with critical friends and endorsement of courses through learning area groups (LAGs) will apply. Teacher participation in these processes is voluntary. The CTL team will assume the primary responsibility for course development and any impost on teacher time will be kept to a minimum.