Road Maps

Teachers and the wider educational community are key partners in the course development process.

The Road Maps below published in August 2020 outlined:

  • a possible future state,
  • current course offerings of each Learning Area, and
  • a proposed staged process of replacing and/or creating new courses.

In response to feedback received through the Tranche 1 development process Years 9 to 12 Learning are currently:

  • updating the intended year by year program of course renewal,
  • producing a new Course Provision guide
  • aligning course development to revised implementation timeframes, and
  • producing a next iteration of the curriculum roadmaps.

A Tranche 1A and 1B Summary is now available.

Please note: Road Maps below are point-in-time documents. Revised Road Maps will be available during Term 3 2021.

Road Maps – August 2020

Any questions or feedback on the Road Maps please email: