Course Development

What’s Happening:

We have listened, we have responded. The Department of Education in consultation with the Australian Education Union, Independent Education Union, and Office of TASC have arranged to extend the implementation timeline for new TASC accredited courses in Tranche 1.

The consultation period for Tranche 1, Phase 3 has been extended until 7 May 2021. Implementation for most Tranche 1 courses will be extended to 2023.

Schools and colleges now have a longer lead in time to decide their 2022 and 2023 scopes. This will support learners to transition from Year 10 and 11.

Years 9 to 12 Learning will have more time working with schools, teachers and leaders on professional learning programs. More time can be spent developing resources to support implementation of each course.

Scope advice for 2022:

Years 9 to 12 Learning will seek TASC to re-accredit all currently available accredited courses until at least 2022.

A smaller number of new courses, may be available subject to accreditation, in 2022, including:

  • Science Level 1
  • Civics and Citizenship Level 1
  • Transdisciplinary Science Level 2
  • Learning Through the Workplace Level 2
  • Enterprise at Work Level 2
  • Engineering Design Level 2

Scope advice for 2023 and beyond:

All other Tranche 1 courses will continue to be developed and are intended to be available, subject to TASC accreditation from 2023.

A new course provision summary document will be available shortly. This will outline an updated approach to the intended year by year program of course renewal and development, which aligns to the revised implementation timeframe, which supports the next iteration of the curriculum roadmaps.

Course Development

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Road Maps
Note: Road Maps relate to all Tranches
Courses developed in 2020/2021 for delivery in 2022/2023 Published and available Courses developed in 2021/2022 for delivery in 2024 Courses developed in 2022/2023 for delivery in 2025 Courses developed in 2023/2024 for delivery in 2026 Courses developed in 2024/2025 for delivery in 2027
Scoping PaperPublished and available
Overview and Key FeaturesPublished and available
Initial Draft CoursesAvailable for consultation
from 22 March to 7 May 2021
Full Final Draft of the CourseAvailable – June 2021
Critical Friends Appointed November 2020 To be appointed in May 2021To be appointed March 2022To be appointed March 2023To be appointed March 2024
Course Sponsorship Appointed November 2020 To be appointed in May 2021To be appointed March 2022To be appointed March 2023To be appointed March 2024