Continuity of Learning – TASC 2020 course considerations

The Office of TASC and Years 9-12 Learning are working collaboratively to consider the impact of the current situation on learning for students undertaking TASC courses in 2020.  Support for teachers and students at this time is critical to the successful continuity of learning. We acknowledge this can be an uncertain and anxious time, particularly where there are practical course requirements which may not seem feasible to deliver.

Provision of advice to teachers and students

TASC and Years 9-12 Learning are working through a process involving stakeholder consultation to analyse: individual courses, challenges to their delivery, and to provide detailed advice (2020 course considerations) to support the delivery of those courses in 2020.

It is essential that processes are worked through and stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input and feedback so there is a shared understanding of the way forward.

Advice will be provided to teachers and students as soon as is practicable, most likely in early May.

2020 course considerations process

  1. Level 1-4 courses scan and assess

Aspects of course delivery which may warrant 2020 course considerations include the mandatory content, work requirements and assessment.

All Level 1-4 courses have been categorised based on an agreed course category framework. These categories indicate the degree to which fundamental components of the course may or may not be able to be achieved through learning at home, with scenarios being considered for when face to face learning resumes. This will be reviewed and communicated as circumstances evolve.

Under the current situation where students are learning from home and there are social distancing requirements, the following categorisation has been applied to TASC courses.

Category Descriptor
0 Not affected
1 Alternative ways to achieve the same outcomes
2 Fundamental components of the existing course can be achieved, however, with a 2020 consideration applied to work requirements (Level 1- 4 courses)
3 Fundamental components of the existing course cannot be achieved, investigation into alternatives required (Level 1-2 courses)
4 Fundamental components of the existing course cannot be achieved, investigation into alternatives required (Level 3-4 courses)


2. TASC and Years 9-12 Learning co-construct draft advice

Weeks beginning March 30 and April 6 – TASC and Years 9-12 Learning are working through a range of possible solutions for courses identified as Category 2, 3 and 4 informed by discussions with teachers in online sessions led by Curriculum Leaders.


3. Stakeholder consultation

Week beginning April 20 – TASC Marking Coordinators, the cross-sectoral Learning Teaching and Assessment Committee (LTA) and Learning Area Groups (LAG) intended to be consulted in the week of April 20.

Week beginning April 27 – Teacher feedback on advice intended to be sought through online sessions facilitated by Years 9-12 Learning Curriculum Leaders. Information about the sessions will be available on the Years 11 and 12 Curriculum website.


4. 2020 Course considerations finalised and communicated

Early May a way forward for each course will be resolved and communicated to teachers following this process.

Preliminary Courses

The Office of TASC has full confidence that schools delivering Preliminary courses will do all that is possible to support learners during the current circumstances, and that they will make informed decisions regarding the time needed for individual progression through course contents, and the assessment of learning based on articulated standards.


2020 course requirements in accordance with TASC legislation

Given the extraordinary circumstances relating to COVID-19, to ensure a fair and equitable approach to the delivery, assessment and certification of Years 11 and 12 education, and consistent with section 11(e) of the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification Act 2003 (TASC Act), for 2020 only, TASC has determined that it will be satisfied that the requirements of particular course have been met if the 2020 course considerations outlined by TASC in relation to that course are met.

This action is consistent with TASC’s statutory obligation to ensure that relevant national standards and State standards for senior secondary education, vocational education and training and higher education are monitored and met (section 9(1)).

TASC is not able to amend any course documents during 2020 as this is not permitted under the TASC Act, however, are considering the requirements of individual courses as noted above.