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7 Aug 2017

2017 Languages – English as an additional Language or Dialect – Level 3 – September Moderation Instructions

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English as an additional Language or Dialect  Level 3 

September 2017 Moderation Meeting for English as an additional Language or Dialect – Level 3 – state-wide samples 

Please download and print off the samples and support materials (or bring along a device on which you can view the samples) and bring them to the meeting. (Paper copies of samples, support materials and course documents will not be provided on the day).

There will be some time in the meeting to assess the samples but it will be useful to read them beforehand.

Special thanks to the teachers who have contributed work samples for us to moderate with at this session.

Please submit your results here prior to moderation day: 

Samples and support materials – Same samples statewide:

Moderation Student Task: 

  • Write a review of a film that you have watched recently.
  • Analyse which aspects of the film may have appealed or not appealed to the audience.
  • You should refer to some of these aspects: the characters, the acting, the setting, the plot (storyline), the message; and, also whether you would recommend the film to others, and your reasons why.

Level 3: You will be assessing the samples against:

  • Criterion 5 – Create a range of written texts for different purposes and audiences, elements 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 

Please also ensure you bring a copy of the Course Document.

Note: There is no moderation for Level 2.