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7 Aug 2017

2017 HASS – Economics Level 3 – September Moderation Instructions

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HASS – Economics Level 3

September 2017 Moderation Meetings for Economics Level 3 – North and South

Each Provider is asked to bring sufficient copies to share with colleagues of a range of anonymised samples. Samples ideally should be borderline (C/t, B/C or A/B) where relevant please consult with other Economics teachers from your school/college in order to do so.

There will be time in the meeting to assess the samples but it will be useful for each representative from your school/college to have read them beforehand.

Please submit your results here prior to moderation day:

Samples and support materials:


Note: The Samples are to the two questions:

A: Explain the term “opportunity cost”. Give an example  of opportunity cost faced by business.

 B: What is meant by the term Aggregate Demand? What are its’ components? Briefly state how the RBA can alter aggregate demand.


You will be assessing the samples against:

  • Criterion 1.

Please also ensure you bring a copy of the Course Document.